Heirloom & Culinary Herb Seeds-12 Varieties-8500 Seeds-NON-GMO



The secret to creating culinary masterpieces is using the freshest herbs. And, there is nothing fresher than those grown in your own herb garden. This variety pack includes all the heirloom varieties you need to become a wizard in the kitchen. From sweet basil to thyme to sage, there is an herb for all tastes and cooking styles. Our easy to grow herb seed collection includes 12 different varieties of NON-GMO heirloom herbs.

It’s time to put aside those inferior store-bought herbs and experience the wonders of fresh herbs in all your dishes. Basil for homemade pesto, dill for the best pickles, cilantro for the an outstanding fresh salsa; there is so much waiting to be made with these herbs!

By growing your own herbs, you know exactly what you are feeding your family, and you reduce trips to the grocery store! These days, there are too many lawsuits against manufacturers we thought were safe. Cut out the chemicals and pesticides and grow your own food, safe for you and your family.


Sweet Basil: 600 mg – 400 seedsAnise: 1 gram – 400 seeds
(May be substituted with Fennel if Anise isn’t in supply)
Chamomile: 400 mg – 4000 seedsSummer Savory: 400 mg – 700 seeds
Cumin: 800 mg – 25 seedsParsley: 1 gram – 600 seeds
Chives: 400 mg – 100 seedsDill: 500 mg – 350 seeds
Oregano: 400 mg – 350 seedsThyme: 400 mg – 1400 seeds
Cilantro: 800 mg – 90 seedsSage: 500 mg – 125 seeds

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GET MORE SEEDS FOR YOUR MONEY: Our herb garden seeds pack not only has 12 of the most popular herb varieties, but it has more than double the number of seeds as many of the competitors. Some packs only give you 25 seeds! That is ridiculous!

NON-GMO HEIRLOOM: Our seeds are all of the highest quality with some of the highest germination rates in the industry.

Includes 12 planter markers and planting instructions

This herb assortment comes with instructions for planting each individual type. All of the herbs grow well in containers or in the garden. You decide!



Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5 × .5 in

How do I plant the seeds?

  1. To prepare the seedbed, rake or lightly till the surface of the soil to a maximum depth of 1 inch. Shallow soil preparation will limit the disturbance of dormant weed seed.
  2. It is helpful to thoroughly mix a carrier such as a masonry sand, perlite, potting soil, etc., to the seed to increase volume and aid in even distribution over your site. We recommend a minimum of 4 parts inert material to 1 part seed.
  3. Broadcast one half of your seed as uniformly as possible over the prepared area. Sow the remaining seed in a direction perpendicular to the initial sowing.
  4. Press the seed into the soil by walking or rolling over the newly planted area. Do not over the seed and deeper than 1/16 of an inch. Some of the seeds will remain visible.

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  1. Avatar

    Teah (verified owner)

    The seeds got here so fast! What a relief during these uncertain times. And they’re packaged very well! I want to know that I can provide myself, and I’m looking forward to getting in the garden! I seriously can’t believe how many seeds you get!
    My rabbits, chickens, and quail are going to love their fresh herbs as much as us.

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