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You can have the garden you love while also supporting a veteran-owned, small family business! 

Hello! I am Robert, owner of NatureZedge. In 2018, I found myself looking at retirement from the Navy, after 22 years of service, and pondering what my next adventure would be. At that time, it seemed every time I watched the news or read the headlines, I saw another lawsuit for one health-related reason or another related to genetically modified food and chemicals used in gardening. When I went to my local home improvement store and saw rows upon rows of chemicals to treat every issue under the sun in my garden and I found it hard to trust the labels I was reading, even if they claimed to be “regulated” by the government. This is why I created NatureZedge. NatureZedge is on a mission to bring back gardens to what they used to be. The Naturez way! We sell the absolute best quality and value for your money, high-yield certified open-pollinated non-GMO seed varieties sourced in the USA giving you a chemical-free alternative for a beautiful garden. It is my promise to adhere to the absolute best quality seed kits and safe gardening products the same I use for my own family.

Robert V.

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Basics of Designing a Sustainable Garden
Gardening How To Guides
Jenny Dunklee

Sustainable Vegetable Gardening Design-The Easy Way

Sustainable gardening is an extremely popular concept right now. While it may sound complex, it isn’t at all. It’s a big idea with a simple message – do no harm. Or, do as little harm as possible. Creating a sustainable vegetable garden is an important step in providing safe, healthy produce for you and your family. Fortunately, growing plants and food using sustainable garden designs is easy to start doing.

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How to start a hydroponic vegetable garden
Gardening How To Guides
Jenny Dunklee

How To Start A Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

Hydroponic gardening is a great way to grow lots of vegetables all year-round. Even the beginner gardener can create an inexpensive, easy hydroponic system. If you’re interested in how to set up a hydroponic grow system but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

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12 Sustainable Gardening Tips
Vegetable Gardening Guides
Jenny Dunklee

Why Does Sustainable Gardening Matter?

Transitioning to sustainable gardening is easy to do, plus you’ll produce less waste, use fewer chemicals, and save money. It’s also the best choice for the planet.

There is a lot of buzz in the gardening and food-producing world about sustainable gardening. It’s a lot to understand, and for the home gardener, it may seem incredibly overwhelming, time-consuming, and complicated. However, using sustainable gardening techniques doesn’t have to be difficult

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NatureZedge Exclusive Products

Naturezedge Natural Garden Supplies

NatureZedge Bat House

Mosquito Control

Bats are often misunderstood and feared creatures, but they offer significant benefits to your environment. You can attract bats by providing them shelter which will allow them to feast nightly on your enemy mosquitoes!

Bat houses can be installed any time of the year but the best times to maximize success of attracting bats are in the spring before their birthing season or in the fall in preparation for spring.

Having A Bat House in your garden has many benefits besides detering & eating those pesky mosquitoes. By giving bats an alternative shelter, they are less likely to try to take up residence in areas you don’t want.

Single Chamber Bat House For Sale

NatureZedge Mason Bee House

Incredible Polinators

Supercharge your garden’s pollination and productivity by providing a home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Mason bees provide significant benefits to any home garden and plant growth because of the pollination they provide. One mason bee pollinates the same amount as hundreds of honey bees!

Because Mason bees instinctively stay within a few hundred feet of their hive our NatureZedge Mason Bee House is the perfect way to keep your Mason bees close to your beautiful home garden allowing them to focus on where you want them to pollinate safely.

The NatureZedge bamboo mason bee house is 100% natural with no sealers, paint, or other chemicals that will deter bees with recessed bamboo reeds to provide a little bit of rain protection. 

Bamboo Mason Bee House

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